About the FAQ

This is where you will find info about this FAQ itself.

Is this thing going to get updated?

That is my plan.

Who are you?

I am number 2. You are number 6.

Is this FAQ going to get prettier?

I hope so.

Will other people be able to add to this?


Are you going to put questions and answers in the FAQ like "I have a Yoyodyne XYZ Oscillation Overthruster and I want to know if the BD-UP5000 will work with it"?

No. We will, however, try to make sure incompatibilities are noted, as well as compliance with various standards (like HDMI 1.x). It's up to you to do some of the fishing.

Will you take the lid off your player and look at the guts for me?

For $799.99 plus Los Angeles, CA Sales Tax, yes. Or wait until my warranty has expired. Or until I am satisfied I am going to keep it for the long haul and will maintain it myself. The money will get you there quicker.

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