This is where you will find firmware related questions and answers. This will get subdivided as more info comes in.

How many software versions are there?

  • Two spotted so far

What are they?

  • 071020.02_1020_0924.11_XAA
  • 071108.02_1114_0924.11_XAA

What is the current software version?

It's found in "Setup / System Setup / System Information" and reads:
S/W: 071108.02_1114_0924.11_XAA

What does this S/W version string mean?

Assumptions about the S/W version string based on above

  • Four values separated by the underscore "_"
    • Main Software
      • Date is YYMMDD
      • Version is .##
    • Build Date or some sort of manufacturing date stamp
      • MMDD
    • Date of bootloader / firmware upgrader
      • Date is MMDD
      • Version is .##
    • Region / model information
      • X for HD-DVD region, meaning no region which is not used yet
      • A for Bluray region
      • A for DVD region. Letters substituted in for the region to prevent a number on the end that could look like a version number
  • Example, 071108.02_1114_0924.11_XAA
    • Main Software version 01 dated November 8th, 2007
    • Built on November 14th (year assumed as this only happens once)
    • Bootloader version 11 dated September 24th (year assumed as this is only loaded once)
    • HD-DVD no region, Bluray Region A, DVD region 1 (A)

Is there an update available?

No, not beyond the version 2 from November 08, 2007


Reports say January / February 2008

Where did you see stuff about an update and what is in it?

  • Look on the General FAQ at the articles section
  • What has customer service said?
    • A 2nd tier support person said title compatibilty, but no Audio updates
    • A 3rd tier support person contradicted that and said Audio updates were in process now too, and look for them in a few weeks.

What happens in an update?

checked for an update. it said an update was available:
New Version : 071108_02_UP5000_XAA_1

ran the update.
— took about 22 minutes to "download"
— took about 4 minutes in the "Processing" stage

Then the unit powered down.
I waited a couple minutes to see if it would restart. It didn't.
Powered back on.

updated system info:
S/W: 071108.02_1020_0924.11_XAA

from gggunderson on AVSForum. Thanks Garrett!

Note how the manufacturing date (1020) stays the same. This is completely expected.
Personal note: I have created version info / build date stuff for products, so I have a pretty good insight as how to encode this stuff. I figured it was this (SW, Build Date, Bootloader, and region) but the second piece of data confirmed it. As for the bootloader, 11 versions is totally expected for a piece of software that will never be updated, and must work perfectly, lest the player become a brick / doorstop.

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