This is where you will find disc format compatibility related questions and answers. This will get subdivided as more info comes in.

Is there a list of formats it plays?

Yes, in the manual, and so far, it has been accurate to our testing. Look there first.

Does it play DVD-R, DVR+R, and DVD+R DL?

  • Seems like it from our experience. The manual is pretty explicit on this stuff. Check there first.
  • Note that this does not include Bluray content on these types of discs. Only good old DVD content (VIDEO_TS, etc.)

Does it play Classic Records DVD-Video 96/24 Audio titles (like Glory)?

Yup, but sounds not so good on analog outs. Use the bitstream to your 96/24 compliant receiver / processor over SPDIF / Optical.

Does it play CD-R?

Yes. Look at the manual.

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