Internal Components

This is where you will find hardware internal components questions and answers. This will get subdivided as more info comes in.


What is the main chipset?

From press releases, it appears to be the same as the LG BH200. It is the Broadcom BCM7440.

What else uses this?

The LG BH200, and there is a shared problems thread on AVSForum.

What is the DVD upscaler Chip?

Silicon Optix Reon-VX HQV

Hardware and the BD specs

What's all this about no BD-J 1.1 compliance due to only 128MB?

Well, the BCM7440 supports up to BD-J 2.0 ("BD-Live"), but part of that requirement is more persistent storage than 128MB (256MB for 1.1 and 1GB for 2.0). So, offically, no, it is no compliant.

What do you mean by officially no?

Again, the BCM7440 has the horsepower to do it (the interactive parts, etc.), and it does HD-i as well. But for true BD 1.1 and BD-2.0 compliance, the available storage on the player for downloaded content (images, webpages, etc.) is supposed to be more. Note, however, that the spec says that this storage could be user provided removeable storage, like a USB flash stick.

Internal storage

So, how do I add storage?

So far, you can't. There are no USB ports on the back or SD / CF / MMC card slots.

Wait, isn't 128MB the RAM size?

No - this is specifically the flash (persistant non-volatile storage technology, aka NVRAM) memory size. Go look up RAM and NVRAM on the internet.

So, what does this mean?

It means that instead of having to go delete some downloaded content once you hit 256MB of it or 1GB of it, you have to do it sooner. It's like you have just a smaller harddrive in your PC, and you need to delete your temporary internet files sooner. FYI, the web-enabled content stuff for Transformers is about 8 MB.


Will you take the lid off your player and look at the guts for me?

For $799.99 plus Los Angeles, CA Sales Tax, yes. Or wait until my warranty has expired. Or until I am satisfied I am going to keep it for the long haul and will maintain it myself. The money will get you there quicker.

Has someone already done this?

Is there a way to add the USB ports?

  • I'll tell you for sure when I take the lid off. See above.
  • Given the pictures, there are signal names on the silk for pre-PHY USB
  • Haven't been traced yet, but this is a promising first step.
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