This is where you will find networking related questions and answers. This will get subdivided as more info comes in.

Does it connect to a network?

  • Yes, for both time (turn on the "NTP Server" option) and for firmware updates.

How can I tell it is really on the network?

  • Check if it got the time of day
  • Does it tell you that you either have the latest firmware or that you need a new one?

I still don't believe it. Are there other ways?

  • Ping (see below)
  • Look at your router logs if you know how to (I am not teaching you this… find another FAQ) and look for the NTP requests as the player boots and then the http request to (look for the ip address for this) when you hit firmware update.

What is this network speed setting thing?

  • Not really sure, but conjecture is
    • Adjusts timeouts for downloading things. Low speed (like modem) means long timeouts. High speed (like 10Mbps LAN) means short
  • Set it to what you have if you feel you must set it. Check the manual also.

But it is on my LAN, shouldn't I set it to LAN speed?

  • But doesn't it say "internet connection" speed? Set it to that.

Does it respond to pings?

  • Yes, but seemingly only if the IP address is set manually. Doesn't seem to respond if it got the IP address through DHCP.

Why should I care about pings?

  • Geek-out reasons only, for the most part, and for troubleshooting network issues. If you don't know what a ping is, look on the internet.

Can I get a shell? Can I be a 1337 h4x0r and do crazy things with it?

  • nmap says no, but 111 is open. Nothing more yet.
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